Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Midi Rings a.k.a Above knuckle rings!

Hello chic@s,

I hope everyone is well! 

I finally made my last leg of the journey to make it back to Cornwall on Friday and awaiting my arrival was a small package. I had completely forgot that I had ordered a couple of midi rings from an awesome website I found via Instagram, so it was a lovely suprise to open them up. 

Midi or above knuckle rings have recently been trending in the fashion world and have been spotted on many celebrities and fashionistas. This trend is an affordable and and quirky trend to try out. 

I recently discovered a very cute website selling very affordable midi rings at BlazinnBlaisain where there are a variety of cute midi and normal rings to choose from. I picked up two stackable gold rings, one gold infinity ring and one rose gold heart ring. 

Stackable gold rings

Gold Infinity ring

Rose gold heart ring

I prefer above knuckle rings as I find them very comfortable to wear and I think they make your hands look very feminine as they accentuate and thin down the fingers. 

Will you be trying the midi ring trend?

Let me know,

Lots of Love,

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