Tuesday, 16 July 2013


'm back again with another one of my  POWER FOOD TUESDAY and this one is with nuts! 
In particular, walnuts and brazil nuts. 

Nuts are high in protein and also contain high levels of zinc. Zinc helps to keep the hair shiny, soft and healthy. 

Walnuts are full of omega-3 fatty acids and biotin, whereas the brazil nut is high is selenium. Selenium promotes a healthy scalp, which in turn promotes healthy hair growth and it can minimise hair loss. 

You should be careful with how many nuts you eat though as they have a high calorific content but a handful on your morning bowl of Greek yoghurt or regularly snacking on a variety can do wonders for beautiful and healthy looking hair!

So go on, what are you waiting for, grab your bag of mixed nuts and get munching!

Lots of love,

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