Thursday, 27 June 2013

I'm back with a review of the Lancome Hypnose Eyes Travel Palette!

Hola a tod@s!

So firstly I need to apologise profusely for my extreme lack of posting on this blog. I have now just moved back from Argentina, but I had an incredible experience and I was constantly on the go when living out there! Maybe I'll post a few pics from my time out there at the end of the week. Unfortunately fashion is just too expensive to keep up with in Buenos Aires which I found frustrating and disappointing, but that's not to say you only go to Buenos Aires to experience the fashion!

Anyway, on my way back home, I obviously stopped at duty free at Ezeiza airport and decided I would cheer myself up because I was so sad about leaving Argentina, and luckily I found just the thing: 

Hypnose Eyes Travel Kit by Lancome.

 I LOVE Lanc├┤me packaging! I think it is so smart and chic and I adore the little bag cover that comes with this set as I think it will look so awesome when I pull it out of my handbag to touch up my make-up.

Inside the palette are an assortment of neutral shimmery and matte shades, perfect for creating a multitude of day and night time looks. The central three colours are the matte shadows which are great for highlighting, lining and darkening the eye to give a great smokey effect. Here is the swatch of the three:

On the outside edges lie the beautiful shimmery evening and day time colours that fit perfectly together. On the left side are a trio of cool toned shimmers that would give your eyes that sultry sparkle.

And on the right hand side of the palette are a trio of warm toned colours, when put together create a wonderful doll eyed, fresh looking effect- great for a daytime look!

The colours are quite pigmented as this is only one layer of application, so by adding more layers the colours would become much bolder, making it easy for you to determine the intensity of your eye shadow and giving you more control. Fall out is also very minimal but the glitter does get everywhere, make sure to have a make up wipe at hand to wipe away any excess fall out! 
The price was $48 USD but I paid with the rest of my Argentine Pesos that I had left over.

I hope you enjoyed this little review, and I promise, now that I am finally back in England after a crazy year of moving from Paris to Buenos Aires and back to the UK again, I will be staying put for a little while.... only because I have to to finish my degree; which means more regular posts coming your way!

Lots of love as always,


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