Tuesday, 26 February 2013

NEW SERIES: Power Foods... EGGS

Hola todos, hope everyone is well. 

I have decided to write a series about foods that we should eat more of in order to help promote healthy skin, hair and general well being. Many people have been asking me (mainly when I go shopping I get stopped by people) about my skin and how I keep it clear. My skin is not perfect, it is oily-combination, with my nose being the first part of my face to get oily, but I try to look after it as much as I can. Obviously I love my DIY face masks and scrubs but it isn't just what you put on your skin that keeps it looking radiant, it's what you eat that has more of the long term effect! I also never wear foundation, it just isn't suitable for young skin. It blocks pores and is more hassle than it is worth. IF YOU DON'T NEED IT, DON'T WEAR IT! I do use concealer but I have natural darkness under my eyes that no amount of sleep, water or almond oil will ever get rid of... thanks to my Indian heritage... But I'm not complaining! 

So, my first power food that I want to introduce are... EGGS!

Whether you like them scrambled, poached, boiled or sunny-side up, there is more to your simple egg than just keeping you fuller for longer. Two main skin-loving ingredients reside in eggs. Choline and Lutein.  Choline is a member of the B-Vitamin family and helps to promote healthy skin function and helps the body maintain good levels of Vitamin B. Vitamin B is important for the body as it is responsible for the production of collagen and elastin- these are what keep the skin supple, smooth and firm. Lutein is responsible for keeping skins elasticity and it is also a great antioxident for beating free radicals from damaging skin cells. 

I hope you will enjoy my series, I will be posting every Tuesday with a new super food that your skin will benefit from!

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Lots of Love,