Friday, 21 September 2012

Making a Change!

Hello my beautiful butterflies, 

I hope everyone is doing well!

So this post today is not going to be the usual fashion/beauty post that you might be used to. For a few days now I have been contemplating the idea to changing my diet and becoming vegan (well slowly transitioning that way). Since being here in Paris, I have noticed my diet has not been as great as it used to be. I mainly put this down to the stress of being in a foreign place and all I want to do is comfort myself with food that I know I like. However, I have been noticing that a full nights sleep does not seem to refresh me when I wake up and my skin is not looking as perky as it used to when I was living by the sea!
So I have put it down to my diet and I think that making small changes here and there will start to see an improvement in how I feel. I don't want to feel tired after I've eaten a meal, I want to be able to get up and go!

So here is the plan, to slowly cut out animal based products and by-products over the next few months, to see if things improve, and I am pretty sure they will. 

I know turning Vegan sounds like a scary prospect. I don't know if I'll be able to cope never eating chocolate or having butter on toast, but I am not going to become an extreme vegan. If I am craving something, like chocolate, I will eat it because I want to. If I want a huge slab of steak for dinner, then I will eat a huge slab of steak for dinner. There's no point driving yourself crazy wanting to eat something you can't and then end up giving in and eating twice as much of it!

So first, I just want to say I am not turning vegan on the idea that I am out to save the world. No. I am merely doing it to benefit myself, but if it means that it is helping the world in some small way then I guess that is ok too. 

Secondly, in my family there is a history of developing diabetes and high cholesterol, so eating more vegan friendly foods should help to combat that!

Like I said before, I am not going into this head on, I will slowly cut out things like cheese, meats and other foods (maybe not milk, I love that waaaay too much, unless I get into rice milk!). We'll see how it goes, I think I will still eat meat once a week, and the odd egg here and there too but just not as regularly as I do now!

I just thought I would share this with you guys, because I would love to hear your thoughts on Veganism and if anyone is a vegan out there, to possibly throw some hints and tips this way!


E-L xo