Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: Lipcote Lipstick Sealer

Finally, I have found my lipstick dream! Throughout the summer I have been wearing bright, bold lipsticks, but unfortunately I don't have much luck with longevity when it comes to lipstick. Until I found this!
Lipcote is packaged in a hand bag sized clear bottle, with a twist cap and fine bristled brush to apply the product. The brush is nice and smooth and so it coats the lips well. 

Lipcote is the beauty world's answer to ever lasting and perfect looking lipstick. I do find that this product has quite a heavy alcohol smell to it, but once it dries, my lipstick does not budge an inch. Careful though, it is quite runny, so a little goes a very long way!

This little beauty has been around in the beauty world for a very long time, and I know that some people don't get on with it too well, but I find that with my red lipstick(which will be appearing in the next post) it works perfectly well and my lipstick never bleeds!

This retails at Boots for around £3.69 or £2.50 on Amazon.

Has anyone used lipstick sealer's before? What do you think of them? 

Lots of love,

Also, I must apologise for my lack of posts due to starting a new job (10 hour days are not fun!).