Tuesday, 6 August 2013

DIY Coffee Scrub!

Today we live in a society that if you don't drink coffee in the  morning how are you supposed to fight off that morning fatigue without it?! However, instead of staining your teeth through the habitual drinking of coffee, why not let your skin absorb the wonderful nutrients instead?
Did you know that your body is capable of absorbing caffeine through the skin? Scientists have researched and say that it can give your body a nice energy boost, maybe not as much as drinking it would, but at least you'd be doing your teeth a favour! 
There are many benefits to coffee, aside from being the go to to wake you up. It can act as a great exfoliant for the skin, lifting away dead skin cells and allowing your skin to glow. 

How to make your own coffee facial scrub:

4tbsp. olive oil
6tbsp. coffee grounds 

Mix the coffee grounds and olive oil  together to form a coarse, mud like mixture.
Now your mixture is ready to use on your face and body!

The coffee grounds will be responsible for exfoliating the skin, whilst the olive oil will keep your skin moisturised and hydrated. After you've scrubbed away the dead skin, wash away with warm water to reveal healthy, beautiful glowing skin that will make every head turn in the street!

Go on, what're you waiting for, get scrubbing!

Lots of love,