Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY: At home nail whitener

For ages I have been struggling with my nails. They  used to be so brittle and break all the time. Luckily I came across Perfectil and so my nails have been able to grow quite well since! However I have trouble keeping the tips of them white, I can admit to not using base coat when I paint my nails! But I found a way to whiten them and you probably have these in your cupboards/bathrooms at home!

Ingredients: Whitening Toothpaste and Lemon juice (fresh or from the bottle)

After care: Moisturiser and nail hardener (if desired)

All you need to do is mix the toothpaste with the lemon juice to form a paste. Just make sure to make enough to cover all your nails. Then once the mixture is ready just apply to your nails either with a brush or I just use a spoon and allow to rest for 15-30 minutes to allow the mix to clean the nails. After that, wash off the mixture from your nails. I like to add a nail hardener once I have done this to keep my nails clean and strong. Then I apply a good dose of hand moisturiser on my hands and particularly around the cuticles because the lemon juice can be quite drying.

Lemon juice is a natural astringent and is acidic and so it can naturally remove stains and lighten the colour of the nails.

Toothpaste is great for removing stains on your nails, look at the wonders it does for your teeth! The toothpaste will break up and remove the everyday dirt that has built up. By breaking up the dirt, it then allows the lemon juice to penetrate the nail for a deeper clean.

Depending on the state of your nails, this may have to be a daily use in order to see improvement, as it does not happen right away. If you're happy with your nails and just need them maintained then you can decide when it would be best to clean them using this method.

Remember to moisturise well after this treatment to prevent irritation and dryness!

Does anyone else have any home remedies for nails that they use?


E-L xo