Friday, 18 May 2012

French Clay 101

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are all doing well. Just thought I'd give a lesson today in French Clay; the different types and what skin type each suits best! So here goes...

There are 4 different types of French Clay; Pink, Yellow, Red and Green.
You use French Clay to make clay masks, normally mixed with mineral water and a few teaspoons of the clay. Clay is a natural material, mined from the French quarries.

Fine French Pink Clay
1) Fine Pink French Clay 
Pink clay is the combination of red and white clay and is the mildest of them all. 
It works best for normal/sensitive/mature skin.
It works by removing the dead skin cells and toxins from the skin. It helps to clear acne and heals sun damaged skin.

2) French Yellow Clay
French Yellow Clay
Yellow clay is a mild clay and best for dry skin. It draws out impurities from the body and stimulates circulation. As well as that it helps remove dead skin cells and adds tone to the skin.

French Red Clay
3) French Red Clay 
Red clay is made from Haematite Iron and gets its colour from copper oxides. It is best used on normal to oily skin, as it cleanses and exfoliates to give refreshed and rejuvenated skin. 

French Green Clay

4) French Green Clay 
Green clay is the most popular of all the clays available as it is safe on all types of skin. It absorbs oil and impurities to refresh and tighten pores.

All these clays can be bought online but make sure you look for trusting sellers. The best places to go would be to your local spa or beauty health store. 

Which clay would be best suited for you?

E-L xo