Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Beauty of Yoghurt!

Did you know that yoghurt not only tastes great but you can use it on your hair and on your face too? Yoghurt has the ability to diminish pore size, improve skin texture and promote hair growth as well as leaving your skin with a beautiful, healthy looking glow. So forget those moisturisers that 'enhance your beauty', yoghurt is cheaper and works even better!

To use on the face, just get yourself some natural yoghurt (NOT FLAVOURED!) and apply to your face. Leave for around 10-15mins (until the mask is dry) and then wash off with lukewarm water. As soon as you wash the mask away, you will see and feel the difference in your skin. It literally feels like you've absorbed a pint of water, your skin feels plump and glows. I do this about 1-2 times a week, it feels so good!

To use on the hair, take some more natural yoghurt (3-4 tbsp) and add a tbsp of olive oil and mix together, then apply this straight on to your hair. Leave for 15-20 mins to let the yoghurt work in to the hair and then wash away. Shampoo and condition as normal. Your hair will be left feeling stronger and more shiny. I do this once a week and my hair has never felt stronger.

If you suffer from frizzy hair then add one egg to 4 tbspn of yoghurt and mix well. Massage into the hair and leave for 10-15 mins and rinse off. This conditioner softens the hair and brings it to life.

Oh and don't forget to make yoghurt a part of your diet too. Chop up fruit and add some honey and voilĂ , a perfect breakfast!

Enjoy and let me know if you've tried this!

E-L xo